An Exceptional Four-Season Tent Meets Unsurpassed Quality

We've used the best materials and skills to craft this tent. It stands up against the fanciest brands out there, with a competetive price tag.

Experience the joy of camping at a price that's as friendly as the tent itself. Quality and value have never looked so good together

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Maximum Comfort with True Four-Season Versatility

Embrace the outdoors all year round with our true 4-season tent. Outerna Onsala's 3-layer system is tailored to withstand the diverse conditions of every season, and to adapt to multiple terrains.

Transform your Wilderness Escapades: Bid Farewell to Bad Camping Experiences

Change the way you camp with our on demand IoT-enablement. 

Get live updates on temperature, humidity, and movement for the best and safest outdoor experience you ever had.

 Take advantage of the knowledge fueled by our data gained from past trips to elevate and optimize your upcoming camping journeys.

Stay Cozy and Avoid Waking Up in a Wet Tent

Crafted with Nordic precision, our cozy, two-person tent provides a spacious 5m²/53.8ft. Designed for both winter and summer camping, and comes with an exceptional blend of durability and lightweight for all your outdoor adventures.

Unique Sustainable Design Fueled by Data

Designed to perform, programmed to offer extra comfort and safety, and built to be reusable as part of a trade-in program: after 5 years, your tent will get a second life. For trading it in we are donating the tent to scouts, preschools and people in need. The best you'll get a special deal to get a new tent at much lower price or even for free!

Uncompromising Craftsmanship: Revealing the Tent's Superior Quality Features

Pitchtime: ~ 4 to 6 minutes 

Break down time: 4 to 6 minutes 

Wind resistance*: 70km/h - 43mp/h (we were not able to test higher speeds)

Weight: 3.5KG/123,45oz (+winterkit 200g/7,05oz) (+ footprint (420g/14,81oz)

Waterproofness: 5000mm

Lean Back & Relax!

 This Tent got you covered!


Summer - Fall - Winter -Spring! 

Thanks to the winter kit this will be the last tent you'll ever buy!


Temperature - Humidity - Movement

Sensors integrated with AI alerts and recommendations!


Freedom - Peace of mind - Stress relief

Enjoy why you went outdoors and relax! We got you covered!

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